Our very first Networking Event on Tuesday 12th March 2019 was a success here at the Thames Enterprise Centre, with great speakers that are experts in their field, great topical subjects, and a passion for their business.

Thanks to the speakers, Fraser Massey, local business owner of Twister Solutions also one of our tenants, Mike Tarbard & Scott Sullivan from the Bata Heritage society and Emily Costello from More-Life, another one of our tenants. They set the bar high for our next event which will be in May.

Networking Events
Essex Business Networking

Networking is not only an opportunity that serves to personalize an individual’s event experience, but now, more than ever, networking events have become crucial to professional success; for attendees and organizers alike, we at Thames Enterprise Centre think it is important to network on a regular basis.

We had a great number of attendees and great feedback complimenting us on the venue, the friendly atmosphere, the calibre of the speakers and our services that we offer.

We are looking forward to our next event in May (date to be confirmed). The subject is something every business strives to achieve; this topic is very important to our environment and our future endeavors.

“Going Green in Business” is going to be an interesting event with speakers talking about the negatives but mostly positive aspects of having an Eco-friendly status for your business.

We hope you will be able to join us and get to know us as a company but also to connect with us in the business world.

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