Bio – U Value Insulation is an established international company that offers the building industry vast product choice combined with in-depth technical expertise. We distribute thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation products and associated materials. Our products are suitable for application across the full range of floor, wall and roof requirements

Kira and Leigh from U Value Insulations told us a little bit about the company they work for, they haven’t been tenants in Thames Enterprise Centre for very long. Here’s what they had to say.


How and why did you get started in this line of work?

Leigh “So previously to this work I worked in transport but I got a bit bored with it so I fancied a change, this job came up as a sales representative and I didn’t have any experience in sales before so I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn something new and 5 years down the line I’ve learned so much and I’m still here.”
Kira “For me it was a chance meeting in a café with our current managing director Niall (Niall owns the business with his brother) that led me here, I was fresh out of university and I was looking for a place to start and we just got on so well, he just offered me a job right there on the spot and the rest is history, I’ve been here for 5 years now, I’m a sales manager and again just like Leigh I’ve learned loads along the way and wouldn’t want to go into anything else now.”

What is the most important to you in the company?

Leigh “For me its that you get the support of your directors, your managers and that we all work together as a team rather than individuals and that we all basically have the same goal rather than having a title and thinking you’re above someone else.”
Kira “Yes, I think I would echo that, support definitely, and the feeling that you belong and that you’re valued, so what you do bring to the table is just as important as a director or a manager as we are all equals.”

How would you describe your business to a potential client?

Kira “We are a distributor of insulation and drylining materials, we have depots in Uxbridge and in Manchester and have been going for about 35 years now, we supply a lot of big brand materials nationwide, so the likes of Kingspan, Eco Therm & Rockwool. We’ve got a vast array of clientele, we go to contractors, builder’s merchants and anyone in between. The thing that makes us a little bit different is that we offer a lot of alternative items, so we can offer solutions to a lot of supply problems within the current climate of the industry.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Leigh “At the moment I’m a sales representative, so I would like to see myself manage a sales team and also work together with Kira to run a branch, that is our goal and what we are working towards.”
Kira “Yes I would say the same, we are working towards a branch in the South East, I would like to be a branch manager really, a more senior role.”

How has our business helped your business?

Leigh “I would say, first of all you were quick to get us into our office, it’s made us more organised as a team, it’s made us be able to be more proactive. We live locally so it’s convenient, and also the fact that you are open 24 hours so we can have access to our office at any time. We can invite any of our clients here, it’s a nice setting and looks professional with nice surroundings.”
Kira “I think I will just echo what Leigh just said as I haven’t got much difference to say, its just a really nice space where we can bring people in and we look really professional, that’s all you guys, also when we first came here our office wasn’t quite ready so we were given a temporary office, and we were able to settle in before we actually moved into our permanent one, so that did help massively.”

In 3 words describe our Enterprise Centre.

Leigh “I would say first of all it’s a very Friendly environment, very Welcoming, people are nice to talk to around the Centre, and also I would say the staff here are very helpful and accommodating, The Centre is very Innovative and all in all a great place to have a work space in.”
Kira “Welcoming, Innovative and progressive, it is so accommodating, we haven’t got to do anything as its all taken care of.”

How did you first hear about Thames Enterprise Centre?

Kira “We went to look at a few offices in Essex, but when you’re using search engines its quite hard to put down all the little things that we want listed, you can’t really say that you want a place to be welcoming, we want it to be a nice fresh space, so we did look at a few cramped, small, old, and dated offices, we were worried that we would have to settle and then Leigh found the Enterprise Centre, I live locally In East Tilbury so I knew about the Bata Factories and was quite interested in the history, so we thought just on the off chance we would phone, we spoke to Andy the general manager of the Enterprise Centre and we went to see it that day, it took us 20- minutes to decide we wanted to move in, and here we are.”