Kings Plumbing


Kings Plumbing are one of our newest Tenants, having only been here for a short time. It was interesting interviewing Dave who has become a successful Business Owner at such a young age, with clients such as Amaris Hospilitality amongst many more big names in the industry Dave’s Business keep’s thriving!

1) How and why did you get started in this line of work?
“From school I started off as an apprentice Plumber because I wanted to be hands on rather than work in an office, and by the age of 19 when I finished my apprenticeship, I set up Kings Plumbing and we’ve gone from strength to strength”.

2) What is most important to you in a company?
“The best parts of a company to me are our good communication with clients, reliability, organisation and just letting people know what we are planning to do, and if there any delays we make sure we let them know way in advance, so that communication is key really and everyone knows what is going on”.

3) How would you describe your Business to a potential client?
“Using the previously stated points I think the thing that separates us from most Plumbers or Plumbing companies is our communication and reliability and also providing a quality service backed up by the office support team is what I think makes a good strong company”.

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Kings Plumbing has gone from strength to strength since our incorporation in 2017. We are already the preferred mechanical contractor for Amaris Hospitality, owner of 12 DoubleTree by Hilton hotels & 18 Mercure hotels across the UK.
We are also the preferred contractor of Four Seasons Heath Care Group & their Brighterkind care home brand throughout the UK.
The ultimate goal over the next 5 years would be to continue to grow our relationships with existing & new clients and be in a position in 5 years-time to buy other plumbing/mechanical contracting companies in order to expand even further”.

5) How has our Business helped your Business?

“The staff are friendly and helpful, and its also a great environment to work in, it’s given us a platform to grow and expand, we’re having meetings with new clients and new customers. The facilities are great as well and the best thing is 24/7 access, so it doesn’t restrict the function to the business”.

6) Describe the Thames Enterprise Centre in 3 words.

“Welcoming, Professional and Innovative.

7) How did you first hear about Thames Enterprise Centre?
“I was looking online for office facilities for the business and I came across the Thames Enterprise Centre on Social Media, I enquired and when I came down to meet the manager who is a very nice and helpful character, I was impressed from day 1”.