More Life

We had the pleasure of interviewing Emily Costello from More-Life UK and it was so interesting finding out how More-Life motivate people on how to lose weight and lead a healthier life-style.
Bio – I have been part of the team at More-Life since April 2016, my role started as a weight management practitioner which involved running group sessions and supporting people to lose weight. My role has recently changed within the last year, I have now been given the opportunity of line management whilst still running some group sessions. More-Life is a Tier 3 specialist weight management service for adults 17+ with severe or complex obesity. More-Life is led by nutritionists, psychologists & physical activity specialists; running groups across West and South Essex.
More-Life offers a free year-long weight management programme, this includes 12 weekly sessions followed by monthly maintenance sessions, to ensure patients sustain their weight loss, these sessions provide:
• Psychological understanding of losing weight, based on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy intervention.
• Understanding and exploring emotional eating.
• Specialist nutritional advice & support, such as portion size, calorie counting, label reading.
• Advice around physical activity
Our Aims:
• To encourage long-term behaviour, change through promoting healthy eating, physical activity and addressing the psychological barriers to unhealthy relationships with food.
• The More-Life programme also acts as a pathway to bariatric surgery. Therefore, we support clients by helping them to understand the need for behaviour change to promote optimal pre and post-surgery outcomes.

1) How and why did you get started in this line of work?
“I started off my degree in Sports Science and then really liked Health, and then started working for Public Health, Private Health Care as well, I just really enjoy helping people and just trying to make a difference really where possible.
2) What is most important to you in a company?
“I would say team bonding, team work that’s really crucial, and having a laugh as well, I think getting the job done as well is obviously crucial, but if you’re happy where you are, that allows your clients to be happy too and also makes the team feel like they can go that extra mile for people if they’re happy in they’re position, so team work’s pretty important.”
3) How would you describe your business to a potential client?
“I would say we are here to basically make a difference to you, to help you with your life, to help you achieve the goals that you want to achieve and it can be done, there’s no impossible, its just a case of we really go down to foundations, we look at all the aspects on what are the best ways to lose weight, and how it can be done realistically, and what are the struggles, what are the barriers you’re up against and how we can work with you to try to change those barriers to manage them, to manoeuvre around them. So, it’s all about people being centred and focusing on the person and tailoring it towards their needs, and make sure we listen to people as well is really crucial.”
4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“I see myself still within Health Care, I have quite a big passion for Asthma as I have Asthma myself so I really want to try and go into that area, also Diabetes, I would like to try and get into that area too. I also love animals so that’s kind of one of the passions I have, so maybe that’s something else I could work on in the future, like working in a Cattery or Dog walking, maybe when I’m older.”
5) How has our business helped your business?
“I would say it has defiantly allowed us to grow and you guys are always so welcoming and every time we have new people come into the building if it’s interviews or just meetings people will say “they’re so welcoming and really friendly” and that is so brilliant, coming to an office or a building and having a friendly face is so important, because it puts people at ease and also gives a good impression of our service as well and also a good impression of us as a business, yeah I think that’s really, really important, I think its brilliant and great team work overall.”
6) In 3 words describe our Enterprise Centre.
“Friendly, Professional, and Charismatic.
7) How did you first hear about Thames Enterprise Centre?
“I just came across it on the internet, and Andy said we’ve got some offices available do you want to come down and see them, and that’s pretty much how it came about. I thought it was great, as every other place that I’d seen was Hot Desking as that’s what’s quite popular these days and I know people do need that but I wasn’t getting that warm kind of feeling, but as soon as I came here I got that warmth and the office space was great, there’s everything you need, there’s parking spaces, as I did go to some places and there was no parking available and the staff maybe weren’t as nice, friendly or welcoming but I just got a really nice feel when I came here, a nice vibe and Andy was great when he showed me around, everyone’s been brilliant.”