Twister Solutions
We were lucky enough to be able to tear Fraser Massey away from his very busy schedule to do this interview with us. Not only is Fraser the operations Director of his own company, he is also helping the local community as a local Councillor.

Bio – Twister Solutions established in 2003 are an Essex based IT Company that serves a client base exceeding 600. Unlike most IT providers, Twister Solutions pride themselves on advanced, yet cost effective IT solutions for businesses of all size, from small to large organisations. Unlike other IT companies, Twister Solutions advise and provide customers with professional, sustainable, affordable and possibly even automated systems to help businesses keep on top of their IT systems.

1) How and why did you get started in this line of work?

“I’ve always been interested in computers even from a young age in junior school, I then went to university to study Business Information systems which is effectively Business IT, from that I started Twister Solutions in 2003 primarily to do Network Cabling but since then we have evolved to be a Managed Service Provider for IT Support.”

2) Tell us something nobody knows about your company?
“When we went to register the company-name it was actually meant to be Twisted Solutions, but my handwriting is so bad that they thought it was Twister Solutions, so we just went with that name.”

3) What is most important to you in a company?
“The team, the guys in the team and the clients, in that order really, because if we didn’t have the team, we wouldn’t have the clients and then we wouldn’t have the business, so that’s why they are always our number one priority.”

4) How would you describe your business to a potential client?

“So, unlike some other IT companies we have always got people available on the end of the phone, we like dealing with local clients so we can provide a fast on-site service when needed, we have a wealth of experience in a range of industries including logistics, legal and finance, and we service clients ranging from frozen food suppliers to magazine publishers and everything in between.”

5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“Continuing to do work in the community and with charities, developing my own political skills whilst the business continues to grow allowing me to spend more time with my family and more time on the beach.”

6) How has our business helped your business?
“When we first moved into Thames Enterprise Centre, we had a small office which we quickly out grew due to growing the members of the team. The Enterprise Centre really helped us by enabling us to have a storage area where we started to grow and then when we were ready for a new office they made one available, they then equipped the office with modern LED lights, blinds and all the other things that make it a really pleasant place for our guys to work. Also, they have recently upgraded the broadband which is essential for our business and then the speed was increased again, so it’s one of the fastest business Centres in the area for broadband activity.

7) In 3 words describe our Enterprise Centre.
“Flexible, Approachable and Innovative.

8) How did you first hear about Thames Enterprise Centre?
“I first heard about Thames Enterprise Centre through your storage company (One Big Self Store) I recommended it to a friend that was moving and then when I went on your website I saw the adverts for your offices, that’s how I first linked together the storage side and then linked it the office side of it and that’s where it all began.